Saturday, July 31, 2010

We livin life like a video . . . during which the DNB has to correct everything.

"I listen to a lot more pop music now since the stupid NPR station here is Half Talk, Mostly Jazz," the DNB says as we drive home from the zoo.

"Ug, but I hate this song," he continues as 'Forever Young' comes on. "Did you notice how the rapping is continually like a half second behind the beat?"

"Are you seriously down on how Jay-Z raps right now?" I ask. "You don't see Mr. Knowles coming into the hospital telling you how to intubate a kid."

"No because intubation requires skills Jay-Z probably doesn't have," the DNB notes. "Whereas, I have musical skills."

"This is why we don't let NPR snobs listen to Top 40 radio," I tell him.

He's tapping out the beat on the dashboard, totally not listening to me. "Seriously, his timing really doesn't bother you?"

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