Monday, January 4, 2010

Still in Love 2009

We celebrate our anniversary!

On the way home from dinner, we listen to our ipod's Anniversary playlist.  Opinions differ as to when it was originally created, but theories suggest 2001 or 2007.  Either way, it's a lovely mix of touching melodies: Ben Folds "The Luckiest," Nat King Cole "L-O-V-E," and Bloodhound Gang "Bad Touch."

When "Save Tonight" comes on for a little late-90's nostalgia, the DNB gets mushy.  "When we were dating long-distance," he says, "this song used to make me long for the day when we could really be together; when we wouldn't have to say goodbye after only a day or two."


He sighs, and I pat his hand lovingly.  "It's so different now that we're married," he continues.  "It's like . . . it's like you never leave."

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