Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lesson Three: Communication

We go ice skating!

We are with a group of Yoko's Japanese classmates, and I am drafted to help them get their skates from the rental counter. I quickly figure out the rough conversions, as well as the fact that most of the boys have feet only slightly larger than my own. It's not like I thought I was a dainty flower or anything, but MAN UP, Japan.

One boy returns to the counter and holds his skates out to me. "Not right," he says.

"Oh, okay. Are they too long or too short?" I ask.

"Not right," he repeats. Yoko speaks English pretty well, but I know some of her classmates are not as advanced.

"Too long or too short?" I ask again, slowly and with hand gestures. I speak loudly on the off chance he can't understand me because he's going deaf. C'MON KID, WORK WITH ME.

"No," he insists, taking the skates back from me. He turns them upside down and shows me that he has been given two left feet. "See? Not right."

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