Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lesson Four: Advanced English

I draw a stick figure of Yoko!

I include her comfortable shoes, the Mario Kart wheel she used for the first time, her ever-present water bottle, and the purse she always carries diagonally across her chest.

Yoko is delighted. She begins to get out her camera to take a picture of it, and is very excited when I tell her she can have it.

"It's a caricature," the DNB explains. "Do you know caricature?"

I look at him. Are you kidding me?

"Um, caricature?" Yoko repeats. She puts the tips of her fingers under her jaw, which she does when she's thinking. "I don't know it."

"It's a drawing that emphasizes an easily-identifiable characteristic of a person." He speaks slowly, waving his hands in the air with his words.

Yoko stares blankly at him.

"Characteristic," he says again.

"Dude. Seriously." I step in. "She doesn't understand a thing you said."

"Yes she does!" the DNB insists. His basis for this is, nothing.

"Right, because every important word in that sentence had more than 4 syllables," I point out.

The DNB begins to protest.

"And the fact that you yelled it at her while gesturing wildly doesn't mean she understands."

He pauses. "You don't know..."

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The DNB said...

Fact check: I would never use a word derivation to define the actual word. That would just be silly. I said "easily identifiable features" not "characteristic." Two syllables instead of five.