Monday, October 5, 2009

I may overreact, but I can put together a puzzle.

I buy a puzzle at a thrift store!

It is maybe my worst idea ever. What do you think the chances are that the box contains even a quarter of its pieces? I'm also willing to bet there's at least one piece still wet from being gnawed on by a baby or a dog.

"Well, it is only 49 cents," says the woman at the thrift store. As if for 49 cents there is NO CHANCE that I will have all the pieces.

Optimistically, I begin fitting the edges together because unless you're a glutton for punishment, that's where you have to start with puzzles. The DNB joins me. I've taken on the yellow field portion; he's working on the sky. Other than sky and field, there are a lot of trees. And a German village.

"Why did I have to choose the puzzle of the ridiculously homogeneous German village?" I complain. I think we all learned the hard way that too much alike-ness isn't good for the Germans.

The DNB squints, concentrating hard. He's working quickly, and I think I see him glancing at my progress from time to time. I begin working faster. He peeks over at me again. Is he seriously racing me? You do not race me at puzzles. I am AWESOME at puzzles.

All the edge pieces as last used, we sit back and survey our handiwork. The field/tree section seems to be missing a few pieces. The sky does not.

"You must've put some of them together incorrectly," the DNB says, looking critically at my section.

"Put some together incorrectly?" I reply. "I think I'm old enough to know whether a piece fits or not."

The DNB regards me silently.

"I didn't force any pieces together!" I reiterate.

He eyes the field section suspiciously.

"Go ahead and check them, StupidHead," I say. "Because when you buy a puzzle from a thrift store it's more likely that your adult wife has no dexterity or hand-eye coordination than that a few pieces are sitting under the previous owner's sofa."

"You probably put a few wrong pieces from that side over on this side," he says haughtily.

"Fine, I'm not even doing this stupid puzzle anymore," I reply, getting up. "It's boring anyway."

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