Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Also, does anyone have a vat?

I go to Sam's Club!

I am an avid couponer, but Sam's always has great prices on cheese, eggs, milk, and butter. I flash my business membership card, which entitles me to early entrance. I walk toward the refrigerator cases, but something feels off. It's definitely quieter without the huddled masses, but that's not it. Then I realize... no samples! Does anyone else rely on the samples for a solid meal? I was counting on them for my breakfast.

Dairy perishables in hand, I check out and head home. As I separate cheese into quart-sized bags for freezing, I notice that the butter looks a little funny. Somehow, I've managed to buy entire GIANT BRICKS of butter, instead of sticks.

Well played, Sam's Club. Well played.

I feel like both a giant idiot and a pioneer, for some reason, as I cut the first 4 bricks into sticks and wrap them in plastic. There's no way I'm chopping up the other 21 butter bricks, so I decide that I will be cooking in bulk for the next year or two. Anyone for 32 dozen cookies?

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Anonymous said...

I'm also an avid Sam's Clubber. Just stick the giant butter hunks in the freezer and cut them into sticks as you use them. Since lots of recipes use multiple sticks (especially for baking), you end up doing less work.