Monday, August 24, 2009

Whatever makes you feel more like a man after you borrow my girl bike.

Every once in a very long while, I say something that might sound stupid TO SOME PEOPLE. It happens. And the DNB feels so triumphant in the possibility of being right FOR ONCE that he matches me over to the computer and forces me to sit down and blog about it. And even though I could totally throw down an awesome UFC move on his ass, I go ahead and post about it because it makes a marriage better when a husband can hope that maybe he's not actually wrong about everything.

+ + +

We watch, many weeks late, the season finale of the DNB's favorite show, "So You Think You Can Dance." As the group number to "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" finishes, the DNB tries to decide, as he does every week, whether Cat Deeley's outfit is absurd or awesome. I'm still captivated by the performance.

"That dance was really amazing," I comment. "It reminded me of the, you know, the Roaring 40's and Prohibition."

The DNB interrupts his fashion critique to stare at me. "Really? Really baby!? When was Prohibition?"

His strong response makes me rethink my knowledge of American History. "I know, I know," I hesitate. "It was during the 1800's, but I'm just saying..."*

"Baby, when was Prohibition!!??" he shouts.

"I don't know!"**

"Baby, during the 20's," he says smugly. Lest you think that the DNB's frequent use of the term "baby" is part of his lovely collection of unicorns and rainbows -- LET ME JUST DISPEL THAT MYTH. The more incredulous he becomes at something I say, the more frequently the word appears. "And it's the Roaring 20's, not the Roaring 40's."

"The 20's? You mean during the war?" I reply. "Prohibition wasn't during the war."***

"Oh baby, really?" he's nearly all Tom-Cruise-Jumping-On-The-Couch by now. "Which war? Really...?? Oh I'm SO telling your dad!"

* Obviously my knowledge of history is so expansive that I was factoring in the very start of what would later become the "official" Prohibition Era: the 1840's dry movement begun by a variety of religious groups, which blossomed into the Temperance Movement in the late 1800s.

** Clearly I did know, but I hate to embarrass my husband.

*** I was speaking, of course, of the Turkish War of Independence, which lasted from 1920-1923.

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