Monday, July 6, 2009

Why we should have stuck with hot dogs.

We make the traditional Fourth of July guacamole!

Well, the DNB makes it anyway. I watch and make helpful suggestions.

He adds 4 avocados, various chilies, and a tomato or two, and our small food processor can't begin to cope. It whirs uselessly, so the DNB takes off the top and prepares to push the mixture down into the processor blade with a wooden spoon.

I stand on the other side of the kitchen and disavow the plan.

"People always get splattered with crap when this happens in the movies," I warn.

After a moment or two, he thinks better of it and puts the top back on. Determined to have his guac silky smooth, he decides to stick the wooden spoon into the small food slot. Until he pushes too far and the spoon gets caught in the blade with a crunch.

Now we have wood chips in our guacamole. I walk into the office to use the computer.

"Go ahead and blog about this - see if I care!" the DNB shouts after me.

"I'll just leave the page open," I yell back. "Bad things can still happen."

It's lovely being right.

Nothing will make the processor process. The DNB adds milks, pounds the entire piece of equipment on the counter top, and shakes his fist dramatically in frustration. Finally, he takes the whole thing apart. As it turns out, the wood chipping incident has broken a vital piece of plastic and the blade no longer spins.

I walk back to the office.

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dana said...

The trick with guacamole is to not bother with a food processor - just put it all in a bowl and mash it together with a pastry blender: