Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'll get him a necktie to make up for it.

I've been trying to convince the DNB for years that he needs to buy me something for Mother's Day. I'm not a mother, of course, but everyone knows that men get worse at these things as the years go by. I figure if he's this apathetic now, there's no chance of awesome gifts when Kirby and Madeline actually arrive.

He has steadfastly refused, which is why I find it strange that this morning he decides to opt-in for Father's Day.

He wants me to make Scrapple to honor the day. It's a breakfast meat from the mid-Atlantic states; I have to order it over the Internet. Scrapple is made of all of the most disgusting parts of a pig - stuff so left over they don't even want to put it in sausage. This surprises everyone who has ever known me because I am ridiculously picky and notoriously weak-stomached. But I must have gotten a taste for it before I was old enough to read the ingredients list because it's one of my favorite foods.

"Are you making it yet?" the DNB asks, interrupting his yard work to check up on me.

"I can't, it's still frozen," I tell him.

"But..." he trails off sadly. "It's just not Father's Day without Scrapple...."

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