Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't Buy Drugs

I have to interrupt Part 2 of the Second Worst Day of My Marriage because you need to know the types of conversations we have before bed:

"The loft in the garage would be an awesome place to grow pot," the DNB says, randomly.

"Oh yeah, it totally would. Except it'd be a pain to water it," I note, thinking through the logistics. "You'd have to get the hose up there and it'd be looking all suspicious."

Neither of us, truthfully, have ever smoked marijuana. But apparently the DNB has growing on the brain ever since we planted our very first vegetable garden. I've always said that yard work is a slippery slope.

"Where do you even get pot seeds?" the DNB wonders.

"Ummm, the INTERNET," I reply.


"Just say no."

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