Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Sale: Memories

A woman rides past on her bike. Without even slowing down, she hollers at me: "GOT ANY VHS?"

A man asks me if I have any refrigerator magnets to sell. I tell him no, I use small super-powerful magnetic squares on my fridge. He says that, specifically, he's looking for the types of magnets that are flat and advertise businesses on them. I find this a ridiculously stupid thing to be purchasing. He asks me if I'd be willing to check and make sure I don't have any. I politely decline. I'm absolutely positive I do not have anything so dreadful. I suggest he visit some local businesses instead.

One gentleman peruses the sale carefully. He is wearing not one, but TWO fanny packs. For the sake of cuteness, I have refused to wear a fanny pack to hold my sale proceeds, even though I've read it's the way to go. Instead, I'm using a black patent clutch.

Yard sales are awesome.

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