Saturday, May 2, 2009

That pasta maker is GONE.

We prepare for a Yard Sale!

It's my first time having one for my own household. I'm pleasantly surprised to find I like getting rid of things almost as much as I liked shopping for them the first time around. It's cathartic. I become more brutal as I walk through the house, considering everything I haven't used in a year potential sale material.

I take a break to do some online yard sale research. A few sites recommend having some Man Items near the street, so the dudes have something to keep them entertained while the ladies do the real shopping.

"Do you have any Man Items you want to sell?" I message the DNB at work. "Like some extra tools or something? A spare wrench set?"

There is a long pause.

"WTF, are you kidding about the tools?" he finally writes back.

"Ummm. Yes!" I reply, glad I didn't suggest his broken shower mirror.

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