Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why can't he just buy video games like other dudes?

I receive an email of a Craigslist ad!

The DNB "thinks I would be interested" in the ad, according to the automated text. I scroll down.

"3000lb Toyota Forklift, Air Tires, Gas Engine" the ad is titled.

Well, this is going nowhere good.

I keep reading. "Older toyota forklift, 3000 pound lift, 121" heigth, pneumatic tires, lights, 42" forks, gasoline engine, manual trans, 2 speed hi-low range, no leaks, used daily, runs good."

Runs well.

I email the DNB. "WTF, dude. No."

He writes back quickly. "But I would totally sell my car and drive that thing to work."

"Still no."


The DNB said...

I still want a fork lift. Do you think we could put together a fund raiser to get me one like the guy is doing on mulletlikeme.com ? It would be for a good cause: for one man to achieve every man's dream--own their own forklift and lift crap with it.

dana said...

I'd contribute a dollar to that.