Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am a Gmail Genius

I don't usually get all techie on here because, frankly, that's not fun to read. However, I just solved one of my biggest frustrations with using Gmail for business, and I have to share.

It irritated me that I didn't have any formatting options with my Gmail signature. No italics, no bold, no font changes, etc. And before we move on, WTF is up with that anyway, Google?

But then I noticed the "Canned Responses" lab feature. If you enable Canned Responses, you'll have the option to save whatever is in a current email as a canned response that you can then easily insert into any other email with the click of a button. AND IT SAVES FORMATTING. So I prettied up my email signature with bold and italics and little hearts over my i's and then saved it as a canned response. Totally works, dude. And then if there are emails that don't require a signature, you don't have to keep deleting it either.

All the time I've saved myself gives me at least an extra 10 minutes a day to play online Scrabble. And that's just good business.

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