Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do not even tell me that girls are drama queens.

"Is today the day my new shower mirror will arrive?" the DNB asks.

"Maybe," I reply. "Maybe today will be the day."

He has been asking every day for two weeks, since I ordered a replacement for the mirror I broke. It was an accident, but he was positively crushed. I broke the news to him on Blackberry Messenger, and I could tell by his response things would never be the same. "Baby, no."


I almost don't have the heart to tell him the bad news. When I email the Sketchy Discount Online Shower Mirror Store to get an order status update, they reply that the mirror is back ordered, and they have no restock date. This after two weeks of waiting and hoping.

"Please cancel my order immediately," I write to the Sketchy Discount Online Shower Mirror Store. "My poor, unshaven husband's constitution cannot withstand further delay."

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