Thursday, March 12, 2009

We just can't have nice things.

We learn how to conduct!

It's through a young professionals group at the Minnesota Orchestra, and it's thoroughly enjoyable. We're each given a baton to keep, as well, which I discover has all kinds of uses.

At home, I try to conduct the Buds. It pretty much doesn't work at all. "COME!" I shout, swishing the baton in the air. The Buds look at me, from a distance.

"They aren't responding to my conducting," I complain to the DNB. He has his back to me, and is kind of ignoring me, so I poke his butt crack with the end of the baton.

He swats it away with such force that it BREAKS the baton.

"You BROKE IT!" I shout. "Now it's yours."

"Hell, no," he insists. "It's your fault it's broken. It's yours."

"I don't want it, are you kidding me?" I reply. "It's been in your butt hole. Gross."

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