Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This could be applied to many situations.

We stand, still at the orangutan enclosure, noses pressed against the glass. Until The Children arrive.

The Children push their way in front of us, so THEY can press THEIR noses against the glass. This does not sit well with me.

"So what if I'm an adult?" I stage-whisper to the DNB. "I like monkeys too! I want to see the monkeys just as much as they do!"

"But they're younger and littler," he points out.

"Who cares? I want to be up close to the glass, and just because they're kids they get to cut in front of me?"

I pause dramatically.

"IN FACT, because they're younger, they have MANY MORE YEARS of orangutan viewing left than I do. THEY should be at the BACK of the crowd - this could be my last chance to see the monkeys."

It seems to make sense at the time.

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