Thursday, March 19, 2009

Improv Everywhere

The hilariocityishness that is Improv Everywhere has struck again. One of their latest missions was a subway art gallery opening. Improv Everywhere agents turned ordinary subway objects into works of art, complete with captions like this one, next to a locked metal box:
Locked Box #2 (1988)
Metropolitan Transit Authority

This extremely subtle piece reexamines the assumption that art must be visually accessible to be important and identifiable as a creative work. This artist explores the limitless possibilities of the hidden here, allowing the viewer to reevaluate underlying preconceptions, and to recondition the inner mind to work with the perception of the commonplace outer space.

Check out their archives while your live basketball feeds are buffering. Some of my favorites are Best Game Ever, Rob!, Cell Phone Symphony, and Welcome Back.

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