Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I think my dogs are cooking meth.

The Buds eat Sudafed!

This is an unusual departure from their standard fare: paper, socks, and plastic bottle caps. Three 30 mg tabs are gone, ripped from the packaging. The DNB immediately springs into action, instructing me to call Poison Control while pouring Hydrogen Peroxide down their throats to make them barf. Which Ka Liko does immediately. Aikane-Monster doesn't, because apparently along with his iron jaw he also has an iron stomach.

We take them to the vet and explain the three missing pills and the teeth-marked package. Although we would prefer to sit in some sort of family waiting area, the tech gently suggests we go home.

It's strangely quiet at the house. We sadly run through a list of regrets: if only we hadn't left the DNB's work bag on the floor, if only there weren't pills in it, if only the Buds couldn't smell, if only our noses never needed decongesting.

"Except . . ." I say hopefully, "We can't get them to eat a pill when they have to. Are we really sure they actually ingested those missing pills?"

We search the living room. And find two and a half pills.

The vet tells us he thinks they're going to be all right.

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amberlou36 said...

I'm going to start calling the DNB "Fletch".