Friday, January 16, 2009

No, Really, I'm Not Going to Pay.

The DNB's car won't start!

He's tired and cranky after a long call night, and he just wants to be home. Except he's stuck in the hospital parking ramp. I dutifully arrive to help him jump it, picking him up outside the ramp and entering with his parking card so he can direct me to his car.

Soon, his car is working and I drive to the exit, a line of cars snaking behind me.

"That will be $8.00," the Attendant proclaims, after I explain what happened.

"Eight dollars??? All I did was come in to help my husband jump his car!" I cry. This is ridiculous.

"Yes, but you do not have a ticket," she replies.

"I know. Because my husband works here and has a parking card. He let me in so I could JUMP HIS CAR. I mean, I didn't even park anywhere," I explain again.

"Ok," the Attendant says, steadfast. "I will give you this slip of paper, and you must pay it within 48 hours or your car will be towed." She walks outside her protective booth to take down my license plate number. The slip of paper says I owe $8.00.

"I'm not paying it," I say simply. I put the car in park.

"I can't open the gate without a ticket," the Attendant says.

"YES YOU CAN!" I cry again. "Otherwise, how are you going to let me out if you give me the slip of paper?"

"Well, I can if it is free parking or validated parking." The Attendant is getting antsy. She glances at the line of cars behind me.

"Great. I'd like the free parking please."

"Oh!" the Attendant perks up, seeing a light at the end of this trying tunnel. "Do you have a stamp for free parking?"

"NO! No, I don't! I don't have anything!"

She hands me the slip of paper. I take it grudgingly.

"I promise I'm not paying it," I repeat.

Eventually, she convinces me to pull through and wait for her Supervisor just on the other side of the gate. On the other side of the gate that she CAN TOO open without a ticket.

"So your husband used his parking card to enter yesterday?" the Supervisor repeats. "And then he used it again to let you in?"

"Yes. I picked him up outside so he could take me to his car."

"That's impossible. The parking card should only let you in if he's already driven out." These people are not what you might call Out of the Box Thinkers.

"Well, I'm not lying." What's she doing, trying to catch me in some Use My Husband's Thankless Job to Bilk Her Company out of Free Parking scheme?

The Supervisor runs through the ins and outs again. She pauses, deep in thought. "I think we're going to let this one go," she finally says, generously.

"Thank you," I reply. Because I am really not paying that.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for you for standing up for yourself. Some people are so dense!