Friday, January 30, 2009

I need an IV for the STAB STAT.

"Two stabs this morning," the DNB messages.

Stay classy, HCMC, I think. That's the county hospital for you.

He comes home that evening and flops on the couch. "Rough day."

"I bet. Who stabs kids anyway?" I ask. It's still horrible to think about.

"Someone stabbed kids?" he replies. "Damn."

"Well, apparently," I say, sadly. "That's what you told me."

He looks at me, face blank. "I told you someone stabbed kids?"

"This morning. You messaged that there were two stabs, remember?" Is his short-term memory really this bad?

He thinks. "OH, stabs. Stabilizations."

"So no one got stabbed?" I ask, suddenly disappointed. "Quit using your fancy doctor jargon on me, you know how I feel about emotions."

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