Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Words of Wisdom, from Us.

We discuss rules for our future (unconceived) children!

"I don't really mind if Kirby or Madeline wants a tattoo or piercing," I say, eyeing my own. I think briefly about going the hypocrite route, but kids as smart as mine will see right through that shiznit.

"I don't either," the DNB agrees. "As long as they aren't doing something that will permanently alter their future in a negative way, I think I'll be pretty laid back."

"I guess my Rules to Live By for them will pretty much be, 'Make good choices, don't be a Toolbag Doucherocket,'" I announce solemnly.

"Yes," the DNB says. "Also 'Make good choices, don't be a Slutty Hobag Whore.'"

"Sounds straight forward enough to me."

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Kyle said...

I'm going to teach Rowan these things - and tell them do them because Uncle DNB and Auntie S say so.