Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whoa dude, that's a lot of snakes.

We watch "Snakes on a Plane!"

We didn't pay to rent it because it's on TV, so my dignity is still (mostly) intact. The premise is, of course, that there are snakes. On a plane. Alternate discarded titles were "Pretty Much Everyone Dies, and Also a Lot of Snakes," "Don't Do It in an Airplane Bathroom or You'll Die by Snakebite," and "Hardly Any Snakes Were Injured During the Filming of this Movie."

The DNB confidently points out plot flaws, of which there are many. I leave to use the bathroom and do a snake check before I sit down in there.

"That was a horrible, horrible movie," I announce when it finally ends.

"Agreed. The only way it could have been worse," says the DNB, with great wisdom, "Is if it starred Keanu Reeves."

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