Monday, December 15, 2008

Wherein the DNB makes it clear that HE is the adolescent.

The DNB attends a lecture!

The lecture is designed to train pediatric residents in the use of a structured adolescent interview method. This method focuses on eight key areas of adolescent concern: home, education, activities, drugs, depression, sexuality, suicidality, and safety. HEADDSSS.

Have you MET the DNB??

"We all love HEADDSSS!" the Chipper Woman leading the lecture gushes. "HEADDSSS is so important! When did YOU first use HEADDSSS?" She looks around the room, smiling.

The DNB pretends to cough.

"There are various HEADDSSS techniques," the Chipper Woman continues.

As the DNB pauses in his retelling, I frown at him knowingly.

"She used the word HEADDSSS in EVERY SENTENCE! I am not that grown up!" he argues. "Having an advanced degree does not make me above juvenile sex jokes."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud. Turns out teaching adolescentes does not make me above giggling about the HEADDSSS method.

I made 5 jokes to myself about the different HEADDSSS techniques.