Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hookah Not Shown.

We go north!

We're setting off for Duluth again, the city I awarded "Worse Use of Natural Beauty" after we spent all day driving around trying to get a decent photo of the harbor. Can't be done without Photoshop. It's because, in its heyday, Duluth was known for its bustling steel, lumber, and shipping industries. Today, the remnants of that history remain in the form of an industrial wasteland just outside of downtown Duluth. It's totally fug.

I tried to do a search for Duluth photos so you can see what I mean, and this was one of the top results:

This isn't a photo of Duluth, but I decided to post it because why is that guy sitting in a bookshelf?? And why is the other guy totally high?

Because it's winter in The Great White North, kids, that's why. Please, God, tell me they're studying computer robotics at UMN-Duluth.

Back on Thursday.

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