Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Non-Exhaustive List of Things For Which I am Grateful

  • Oscillating mascara
  • That the DNB doesn't ask for diamonds every day like I do because DUDE, that would be totally annoying
  • Parmesan Goldfish
  • Friends who will tell me they don't think I'll ever successfully make fudge because they know I can take it (and that it's probably true)
  • My husband accompanying me to the grocery store because he knows how much I hate going there, and also that he bags all of our groceries because the store is so ghetto they don't have baggers
  • When my father jumps in to send a reply on an email exchange between my mother, sisters, and I, but doesn't sign his name, and we all can tell by the first sentence that it's him
  • Forever stamps, because no one should have to think about stamp denominations
  • The fact that although my sister was adopted, I can love her the same as my other siblings
  • That I allegedly do not have toxic marine poisoning
  • Wine with 14% alcohol, and that my fitness trainer introduced me to it
  • E-visits with my doctor -- one more thing I can do over the internet without any personal interaction, and I mean that in a good way
  • That my employer doesn't block Facebook
  • Orange, my hair stylist who always forces me do the right thing but makes it seem like it's my choice. At least hair-wise.
  • People who are my friends even though I couldn't nurture a rock, much less a bowl full of sunshine
  • That my baby brother wrote a song entitled "I'm Watching You With My Single Eyes" (I'm watching you with my single eyes / I'm watching you with my single eyes / I'm watching you with my single, single eyes) because it has made me spontaneously crack up dozens of times this week alone
  • That Dr. Pepper is made with 23 flavors instead of only 20 because then it would probably suck
  • Cheese

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