Monday, November 10, 2008

He's Good at Separating his Work Life and his Home Life.

"What is that disgusting growth on your ankle?" the DNB asks, eyeing a small bump that's been there for, oh, most of the bazillion years we've been together.

"Oh my word, it's a TUMOR. There's nothing I can do about it," I reply, annoyed.

"IT'S NOT A TOO-MAH!" he exclaims in his Ah-nold voice.

"Dude, does it really bother you that much?"

"It's totally gross," he says, as if he has never stuck his finger up another guy's butt for medical reasons. "Do you want me to remove it? I could just cut it out."

"No way, you're not touching me with a scalpel," I retort quickly.

"Yeah, 'cause it's not like I don't cut people open on a mostly-daily basis."

"But I've never seen you do it, so it's all totally unverified. I just know you as the gassy guy who blow dries his armpit hair."

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