Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Variation.

We discuss a gruesome topic!

"If I stabbed you, I'd barely get any jail time because it wouldn't be premeditated," the DNB claims. Somehow, I don't find this alarming.

"That's probably true," I agree. "You'd procrastinate even thinking about it until it was done."

"Exactly. See, you'd always get a longer sentence. You could never do anything spontaneously because you couldn't bear to not PLAN it," he continues.

"I wouldn't get a longer sentence because they wouldn't know it was me. Because I'd PLAN it so well," I counter haughtily.

"Whatever, you'd probably even have it on your to-do list: clean bathroom, go to bank, stab the DNB, do laundry."

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Rochelle said...

You guys are such a RIOT!!! ;)