Thursday, October 30, 2008

Northward, Part III

We return to the hotel after our not-at-all-like-Olive-Garden dinner. I am excited, because our very small budget beds are Sleep Numbers.

The DNB inflates one bed all the way. Mine is malfunctioning and remains at a steady 55. The DNB deflates his.

"Hey, jump on here with me, I need your weight," he directs, as if my weight is substantial. "I'm trying to deflate this thing all the way down to zero."

"What if this one only goes to eleven?" I ask, hopping on.

We both think heavy thoughts until our butts touch the frame of the bed. It is then that we both realize that a Sleep Number bed is nothing more than a glorified air mattress.

"We missed our shot!" the DNB exclaims. "We could've made millions off of this dumb idea!"

"Totally. The guy who started the company was all, 'Hide the pump and put it on a frame. We'll be rich!'"

We lie in the bed frame and think wistfully of missed opportunities.

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K and/or K said...

I could not agree more. After getting suckered into buying one, 2years later we realized it was too much work just to sleep evenly and switched to a Beauty Rest. Now I am gorgeous. Well not really, but I sleep!