Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Next time we'll have his and hers appointments at Aveda.

Aikane's Beauty Day continues!

With the grooming done - bald patch in place - it's time for a bath. He hates bathing, so to make it sound better, I tell him it's his Spa Day. Long ago, I learned that if I'm going to end up soaking wet anyway, I may as well already be in the shower. Despite the comfort of having a Spa Day with his mommy, Aikane is still shaking as the DNB hands him in to me.

"This is the Soothing Water Bath portion of your Spa Day," I coo to him as I dip him under the shower head. He tries to scramble out of my arms.

"Now, Aikane, we will begin the Coconut Cleanse," I continue, putting him down and pouring shampoo down his back. "Because you were trying to dig under the garden fence to eat tomatoes this morning, your feet are very dirty." He makes a move to jump out of the tub. I grab him. "This Spa Day is so great!"

I pick him up again, and whisper in a soothing tone, "And for the final portion of today's water-based procedure, we have a Relaxing Rinse." I hold him under the water again. His nails dig into my back and arms.

After he's fully cleansed and rinsed, the DNB takes him from me and wraps him in a towel.

"Tell Aikane that this is the Drying portion of his Spa Day," I direct the DNB. "He loves Spa Day. And put the leave-in conditioner in his hair, too."

"You're being dried," the DNB says unenthusiastically. "Spa Day. Drying. Spa Day." Aikane scampers off, wet and unconditioned.

Stupid boys.

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