Thursday, September 4, 2008

It Will Fit Nicely Next to His SYTYCD Autographed Poster

"Maybe you should take out the trash," I suggest to the DNB. "That muskmelon is making it totally stanky."

"WHAT?" he screeches at me.

"You should - take - out - the - trash," I repeat slowly. It's the natural order of things: he takes out the trash, and I clean everything else in the house. Barefoot.

"YOU THREW OUT THE MUSKMELON?" he continues, his voice raising a pitch.

"Ah, yes." I remain calm. "You never ate it, and it was moldy and gross."

"I can't believe you threw out the muskmelon," he pouts.

"Are you kidding right now? It was so rotten it left a stain on the counter top."

"But I wanted to save it in my Hope Chest," he replies, in a small voice.

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