Monday, August 18, 2008

Who Said He Wasn't Romantic?

I receive a compliment!

We are out to lunch at our favorite weekend spot, the New Uptown Diner. It gives us both rampant grease-induced indigestion, but it's SO worth it. As we pay, the female cashier smiles at me through her multitude of lip piercings.

"I like your shirt," she says. "It makes your eyes look amazing."

I look pointedly at the DNB as we walk to the car. "You never whisper sweet nothings like that to me."

"I do too!" the DNB insists.

"Your idea of a sweet nothing is 'Hey baby, wanna do it?'" I note.

"Yes," he replies sincerely. "But what I mean is 'Your eyes look amazing . . . wanna do it?'"

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