Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're hoping that next year he can do our taxes.

I use the term "Mommy's" to refer to anything of mine the dogs show an interest in.

"Don't touch Mommy's," I proclaim, waving my cell phone at them. "Or Mommy won't be able to call the vet should you happen to be drop-kicked for chewing on things that don't belong to you."

Favorite inappropriate chew items include the caps to my water bottles. I'd been hoping to pee every, say, 20 minutes, so I started drinking more water. If I happen to leave a cap on the coffee table, or end table, or anywhere else in the world, Ka Liko will inevitably eye it silently until I look away for long enough that he can make off with it.

And so it happens that another cap is missing when I return from switching my laundry in the basement. Giving myself too much credit, I check the kitchen to make sure I didn't just leave it on the counter WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN SMART. It's obviously not there. Nor is it anywhere to be seen in the living room or in the dining room. Ka Liko follows me through the house as I search.

Finally, I look down. "Ka Liko," I say sternly. "Did you touch Mommy's?"

He looks up at me as sweetly as he always does, and cocks his head.

"Where is it? Go get Mommy's," I order.

He walks to the couch and rummages under it for a moment. Then he reappears, runs back to me, and drops the cap gently at my feet.

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