Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Photo Journal of Our Drive Along Wisconsin's Great River Road

Our first stop was at a Visitor's Center, where a bridal party followed us around as we tried to take scenic photos. So in a passive-aggressive move funny only to us, we started taking pictures of them. We were unable, unfortunately, to capture the FUR COLLAR on the bride's gown. I am so very sorry.

I sent the DNB into the men's room with the camera only because he could more easily pee with it around his neck. I should've known it would set him up with this delightful shot.

Trees with these seed pods were everywhere. Maybe they have different flora in Wisconsin because despite spending 10-20 years in 4-H, the DNB was unable to identify it. If he had, it would have made the Best Better.

We took this picture at one of 12,000 Scenic Overlooks we passed. The Great River Road runs parallel to the Mississippi River for 250 miles, but we only managed to drive about 30 miles of it because we had to stop at every single overlook. As if we'd miss a great view if we skipped one.

When we passed this barn, the DNB got all inexplicably nostalgic. "They just don't make 'em like that anymore," he said wistfully.

Because I was raised by my parents, it's impossible for me to take any sort of trip without including an educational element. Yeah, that was a winning philosophy on our honeymoon. So we drove 10 miles out of our way to visit the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder. After carefully examining all the historic documents at the site, I felt like I could finally enjoy the day.

The real birthplace is gone, of course, but this cabin is a replica of the one the Ingalls family lived in. As we drove up to it, I announced, "The Laura Ingalls Wilder Reproduction House!" The DNB found this phrasing hilarious. "Get it? Reproduction? Like procreating?"

As we drove through lots of small, unfamiliar towns, we began to feel uneasy and alone. That's why we were so relieved to see that Dave and His Moustache wanted to be our Metro-Lake Pepin Connection. 877-YO-PETERS, my man.

From the heights of the bluffs to the banks of the Mississippi, the Great River Road offers spectacular views. It was the perfect day. Also, if you own this boat, call me.

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