Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Low Washer Fluid Reminder

My car is spot-on reminding me whenever the washer fluid is low.

In fact, LEST I FORGET, it dings to remind me every 5-10 minutes. On a 4-hour excursion along the Great River Road, I find the frequent dinging minorly annoying. To the DNB, on the other hand, it has the potential to ruin his very existence.

I've always kind of loved the reminder. Those crazy Germans, that looks nothing like a washer fluid reminder. It's more like Spouting Whales Ahead! And who could be annoyed by Spouting Whales?

"I feel like I filled my washer fluid not too long ago," I tell the DNB. "I hope there's not something wrong."

"I'm sure it's fine," he tells me, distracted, for the moment, from the dinging.

"Maybe I just wash my windshield a lot," I suggest. "Oh! Or maybe the fluid has been evaporating because it's been so hot!"

I'm incredibly pleased with my explanation. And then I notice the tell-tale smile on the DNB's face. It's the smile that says something patronizing is about to come out of my mouth.

"You're so cute," he replies, true to form. He pats my leg.

"What?" I demand. "What's wrong with that theory?"

"Does your gasoline just evaporate out of your tank?" he questions.

"Well obviously not," I reply. "There's a cap on it to keep it in." Duh.

The DNB is not convinced, although he knows I'm the smart one. "Kind of like there's a cap on your washer fluid tank?"

"Baby," I say slowly, like I'm talking to a child. "There are holes at the top for the fluid to come out. That's how it's evaporating."

"I think I'm just going to let this one go," he says jovially, patting my leg again.

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