Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's like they don't want to learn for the pure joy of it.

I conduct Bud School!

I decide the Buds need to learn something far beyond what we have taught them to date. Beyond sit. Beyond off. Beyond if you don't stop barking I'm going to sell you all on Craigslist. The final frontier: colors.

The Buds have two squeaking rubber squirrels. One is blue and one is green. They are going to learn to tell them apart.

I sit in the living room with the two squirrels. The Buds immediately sit at my feet, gazing up at me. I hold up the blue squirrel.

"Buds, this is the BLUE BALL," I say, with emphasis (it certainly goes without saying that you may insert your own blue balls jokes here).

I put it behind my back and hold up the other. "This is the GREEN BALL."

I do this a half dozen times. Ka Liko barks at me. I think this means he understands.

I hold both squirrels out in front of me. "Which is the BLUE BALL?" I ask.

Nahoa and Aikane eye the blue ball. Ka Liko stares at the green one.

We go over the differences and I hold them both out again. "Which is the GREEN BALL?"

As if they'd planned it with a wink and a nod, Aikane grabs one squirrel out of my hand and Ka Liko grabs the other. They race off, the little truants.

Nahoa sits patiently.

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