Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Mormons, Part III

The Mormons stop by again!

I am, as it happens, braless once again. On some particularly tiring days, it's the only cheap thrill the DNB gets, and who am I to deny him? Ok, so the fact is, I don't like wearing a bra around the house. BE YE SO WARNED.

"This isn't a great time," I tell the elders honestly, trying to hide myself behind our glass door.

"No problem," they say graciously.

They walk toward their bikes. Suddenly, one turns around. "Can we give you our phone number?"

I acquiesce, even though it all feels very very unholy.

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Anonymous said...

Because you don't mention what you are wearing to answer the door that is so scandalous, I can only assume it is something like this: