Friday, July 11, 2008

If a man has sex in the woods with a corpse, is he still wrong?

In the news - the Wisconsin Supreme Court wrestled mightily before deciding 5-2 that necrophilia is against the law in the state. In so doing, says this news account, Wisconsin joins more than 20 other states that ban sex with corpses.

Okay, so what I'm hearing is that necrophilia has not yet been banned in at least half of our states. I double-checked that stat for you, and believe me YOU DON'T WANT TO GOOGLE IT, EVEN FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSES. Is this not a no-brainer we could add to a few legislative calendars as an easy bang-up lawmaking success? Are there parties filibustering on the issue somewhere? In a world in which everything causes division, it seems to me this is one topic we can all rally around.

Give Peace a Chance, and Dead Means No.

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Anonymous said...

If a person dies during the act of having sex, what is the legality of the following two scenarios?

1) The living person finishes, but only realizes the person is dead afterwards.

2) The living person finishes, even though they realize their partner is deceased.

Also, what is the legality of two deceased people having sex? Say there is a terrible collision between gurneys carrying corpses at a morgue, the bodies tumble to the ground and become entangled in a lewd embrace... Use your imagination.