Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Display My Humanity

"I have a confession."

"What?" the DNB looks at me suspiciously.

"Well," I hesitate, knowing this isn't going to go well. "I may have bought a few things from ... QVC."

"QVC?" the DNB echoes, his body sagging. "Baby."

I knew he'd be disappointed in me. "But they had exclusives!" I argue. "Until December, some things were available exclusively on QVC."

"QVC?" he repeats, peering at me.

It's like I transformed right there in front of his eyes from a ravishingly gorgeous, trendy trophy wife into a chain smoking housewife with curlers and a mumu. He blinks.

"I couldn't help it!" I cry. "I turned it on and it was all about Smashbox, and I love Smashbox, and they kept saying they were running out of everything, and I just HAD to fall prey to their impulse tactics!"

"I guess," the DNB sighs, resigned. "But baby, QVC?"

"I'm so ashamed."

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amberlou36 said...

I LOVE QVC. There's all sorts of BE kits that are only available on QVC, and they sell out in minutes. There are many other things I love, including kitchen products. Don't be ashamed. I used to make fun of my grandma, now I watch it...okay, perhaps more than is healthy. But I LOVE it.