Monday, July 21, 2008

A Breast By Any Other Name

The DNB sees some "tasteful nude" photos taken by his brother, an amateur photographer.

"Can I take pictures of naked girls?" he asks me.


Later, he asks again. "We've discussed this," I remind him.

"We have?" he asks innocently.

"Yes. You asked, and I said no."

"That wasn't really a discussion," he points out.

"Okay. Let's see if you can make a compelling argument for it without using the word 'boobies,'" I offer.

"I like tits?" he suggests.

"Yeah, still no."


Anonymous said...

I have to protest your classification of me as an "amateur". A couple months ago I was.

However, today I had a paid shoot with an aspiring model to develop her portfolio. Her mother was there the whole time and assisted on the shoot. We did several locations and got a ton of photos.

After we finished some swimsuit shots at a lake and were done shooting for the evening, the girl and her mother had a brief cryptic verbal exchange. Then they told me that the girl wanted to have some nude shots of her back and butt. The mother insisted, "nothing tacky!", the daughter stripped, and we did a few shots.

So, since I got paid to take photos of a young woman's butt today, that makes me a "semi-professional". I know, it's a very impressive title.

- DNB's brother

S said...

Fair enough. Nuance is important, especially where rear ends are concerned.