Friday, June 13, 2008

Naked Photos Coming Soon!*

I buy a camera!

I've wanted a new one for about a year, mostly because the DNB's is stupid and I hate it and it makes me never want to take pictures. For years I used my mom's old Canon, a 35mm that took better pictures than any digital camera I've owned. It went to Romania and Ukraine with me; to Italy and Greece. I loved that old camera. Forget asking a stranger to take a photo for you - most of them couldn't handle the manual focus. "Oh yes, there we are," I would say to the DNB. "Those blurry specks on the side of the shot." I used the timer because dashing into position was more reliable.

But it's time to switch over to this new fangled D-SLR technology, and I am ecstatic! I spend the evening reading the owner's manual. Every single word. Because - oh yes - I'm cool like that. I even consult the included diagrams as I attach the neck strap, that's just how excitedly OCD I am about this thing.

We'll see how long it takes before the DNB takes more self-deprecating photos like this one. Only now with better lighting and resolution!

* Except without the naked bit.

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