Monday, June 16, 2008

We Stop Killing All the Baby Lambs

I make a quasi-vegan appetizer!

Trying a vegan diet is something I've been considering ever since my friend and remarkably avid blog-supporter Dana went vegetarian a few years ago. Food hurts my stomach. I've spent the last ten years of my life with an almost constant stomach ache. I've tried food journals, cleansing diets, and everything else under the sun. There are no consistent patterns, except for animal products. So I'm going to try, slowly, to switch to a vegan diet. Once I'm completely there, I want to try it for one month, to see if it helps.

The DNB is, how-do-you-say, NOT PLEASED.

"No," he says emphatically. "I'm not giving up meat. Are you completely insane?"

"Just for a month," I plead. "You can do anything for a month, even go without styling products!"
"No." He remains steadfast. Meat is his favorite.

So I buy a soy-based cream cheese alternative and make another of his favorites: Beer Cheese Dip.

"What do you think?" I ask cautiously.

"It's horrible," he says, reaching for another pretzel and dipping it into my concoction. "Really really horrible."

He grabs a handful of pretzels and the dip and makes off for the living room. "Really bad . . . " he mumbles, his mouth full.


dana said...

He'll get used to it. Brandon is having trouble adjusting, too, even though joining me in the vegetarian thing was his idea-- but he's trying.

I'm eager to hear more about how it goes for you!

Anonymous said...

Dana, how can I put this politely: I hope you toil in the torments of vegan hell!

With love,

dana said...

Dearest DNB,

Your sentiment is overwhelming, and I understand that your words of hope and encouragement come from the heart. I return the feelings, wishing you the opportunity for rewarding work and good health.

Warmest regards,

S said...