Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Afternoon at the Lake: We Take Excessive Photos

We go paddle boating! The DNB is not excited about this, as it does not appear as manly as he prefers. However, two minutes into our excursion, he complains that his legs are tired.

The sky is blue and beautiful.
I feel that this picture is sufficiently representative of the 100 sky shots we take.

The DNB spends approximately 20 minutes taking pictures of the reflection in his sunglasses. How very artsy-fartsy of him. Well, fartsy anyway.

After he finishes taking pictures of his sunglasses, the DNB moves on to the algae in the lake. It is actually pretty cool. And with a 4gb memory card, my little Photog can take all the algae pictures his heart desires. Which turns out to be 75.

This is the part of the show where all the algae has ended up wrapped around the rudder and we keep crashing into things. The DNB sacrifices his hand to save us.

The DNB's life preserver falls overboard! This would not have happened if he were wearing it, Safety First. We are able to rescue it just in time. Notice the wake behind our manly paddle boat. This is because although the DNB's legs are tired, mine are in tip-top shape.

We bask in the sun. It is a lovely day.

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