Friday, May 30, 2008

We will repeat this conversation in 10-15 years, when we have children.

I delegate the removal of nasty poo stains from Ka Liko's bottom!

"Why do I have to clean it up?" the DNB asks, disgruntled.

"Because if I do, I'll throw up, and then you'll have to clean up poo and puke," I explain, looking over at the dog and gagging a little.

"I'm not cleaning up your puke," the DNB states.

"I'm going to be throwing up. Are you saying you're going to make me clean up my own puke? I'm puking non-stop and you're just going to stand there watching, telling me I have to clean it up?" I'm horrified. We did NOT cover this in our pre-marital counseling.

"Well not right then. I'll tell you after you're done," he clarifies.

"You'll be all, 'Life sucks. Get used to it,' " I supply.

"Right. I'll say, 'Life sucks. At least you don't have six 3-year-olds.' "

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