Thursday, May 29, 2008

I watch reality TV because it's good for my soul.

I count my blessings!

I hate those days when I work late, come home to take care of household chores, figure out dinner, and wash dirty undies. And then, suddenly, it's 8:45pm and I feel like I barely have enough energy to drag myself to the couch instead of crashing on the laundry room floor surrounded by the DNB's pit-stained t-shirts.

I didn't realize this at first, but 8:45pm on a day like that is when the Buds have scheduled their Cage Fighting Bouts. We call it Cage Fighting because one morning we woke up to a most ferocious-sounding wrestling match happening in Ka Liko and Aikane's crate. It ended up a draw, with mutual butt-sniffing, in case you're wondering. The noise level during a Cage Fight reaches epic proportions, mostly due to Ka Liko's ridiculously shrill Cage Fight Bark. Although probably very intimidating, if not just annoying, to potential opponents, it's the sound that makes me want to punch babies, and also puppies.

So to gain some perspective on days like that, when I'm very close to not only punching babies and puppies, but also tiny unicorns, I turn on Jon & Kate Plus 8. This TLC show will make you feel like the most giant tool ever for being tired. EVER.

Jon and Kate Gosselin used in vitro to have a set of twins, first, and when they tried for one last baby, ended up with SEXTUPLETS (so it's not just a clever name . . . ). If you've ever wanted to know what it would be like to have half a preschool class running around your house, tune in. I could not possibly do life with the wit and grace these parents have, and two minutes with the show cures any residual exhaustion I may have.

Because no matter how crappy my day has been, I do not have six 3-year-olds who just scammed giant gumballs from their babysitter.

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