Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free to the first 200 fans

The DNB has an incompetent co-worker!

It's a fellow resident, and it's difficult to rag on those poor kids because they spend a lot of time giving rectal exams and getting paid like $2.00 an hour. But this guy. He went to medical school in the West Indies. Which is kind of like the Yukon, only instead of teaching you just pack things in ice and wait until help arrives, they teach you to push the finest island rum via IV. Either way, it's asking for it.

So the DNB is a little nervous about the kid's pediatric knowledge--not because of his alma mater but because he DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING--and wants to give him a little knowledge boost before they start seeing patients. So he starts explaining how ventilators work and the kid starts taking notes and nodding like a bobble head toy.

And in recounting all this to me, the DNB finishes with: "The whole discussion kind of felt like, basically, I know you don't understand a thing I'm telling you, but I'm SUPER glad you agree."


dana said...


I am curious, though, what exactly is "free to the first 200 fans?" The finest island rum? A bobble head doll? A rectal exam?

S said...

Would saying "Your Mom" be just vastly inappropriate? It would, wouldn't it?