Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And Learn How to Cook

I am relieved that the gangsters do appear to be present. This must be my Megabus!

It's crowded, and one of them is forced to sit by an older gentleman. The older gentleman politely begins a conversation. Surprisingly, instead of "popping a cap in his ass" because he was wearing the red flannel plaid of a rival gang, the gangsta youth opens up. Driving hip-hop bass pouring from the headphones around his neck, he talks about his hopes and dreams. The older gentleman sits quietly. The gangsta youth wants to open a restaurant. He doesn't just want to work there, he wants to own it. He wants to be a chef.

"Well," says the older gentleman at last, who perhaps got more than he bargained for and looks a little dazed. "My advice is this, and only this," he continues nobly. "Stay in school."

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