Friday, April 11, 2008

7.5" isn't good enough for him?

As the DNB gets out of bed, I slide over to his side.

I don't know why I do it, except his side always looks so much better to me than mine. And if I wait a minute or two, his (specially marked) pillows will be cool.

I sigh, finally feeling comfortable.

"That looks like about where you were sleeping even when I was still in the bed," the DNB remarks cheekily. "Even when you're not cuddling, you still manage to leave me with 1/8 of the bed."

"It probably just didn't look like cuddling, but it was," I reply. This is a lie.

"Doubtful," he says, knotting his tie.

"You know I was in sales - Always Be Closing. I try to apply the ABCs to every aspect of my life. When it comes to nighttime sleeping arrangements, it's important to Always Be Cuddling," I inform him. Another lie. For the most part, I'm a Pre-Sleep Only Cuddler.

"Do you think I'd still have the same amount of room if we got a king sized bed?" the DNB asks sarcastically. He kisses my forehead and closes the door as he leaves.

"Probably less!" I shout after him, imagining all the sideways-sleeping possibilities.

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