Friday, March 28, 2008

Lunds does not understand who I am

So ages ago I posted about having my groceries delivered.

This is part of my life plan to Not Do Things I Hate. The way I figure it, my free time is very limited, and I choose to not spend most of it doing Things I Hate. This includes grocery shopping, laundry, and washing my car at home. So, I outsource. This frees me up to do more Things I Like, like spending time with the DNB and the Buds, shopping at Sephora, and planning.

The point of this post, however, is to revist a recent and terribly disappointing grocery delivery experience. You see, as you add each item to your online cart, the Lunds & Byerly's website gives you the option to allow your personal shopper to substitute for another item if your selection is out of stock. Lately, I've been allowing it. Partly because I could fix the DNB's recent Starburst habit with the Original or the Baja flavors, and partly because it's interesting to see what the shopper chooses as the substitute.


I ordered good 'ole Wonderbread because I was intent on eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich the way my mother would never let me: on two pieces of bread completely without substance or crust.

And because the store was out of stock (other people still buy this?), my personal shopper substituted that enriched white flour goodness with WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. Yeah, he's fired.

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