Monday, March 24, 2008

BlackBerry, Part 1

I get a BlackBerry!

Unlike most times when I get my way, it isn't because I held my breath until the DNB gave in, or whined about it until he couldn't take it any longer. This time, it's because he just can't argue with cold, hard numbers.

I read an article about how sometimes phone companies will give you what you want if you just politely ask for it. So I do.

"Hello [cell phone company]. I want a BlackBerry, but they are too expensive. Let's talk about that," I say to the helpful Customer Service Representative.

She immediately begins calculating rate plans and length of service and customer loyalty figures. Eventually she winds up with a figure only $29 more than what the DNB's special Primary Douchebag Line discounted rate was. At his ridiculously high doctorly salary, that's only - carry the one - three on-call days and an ER shift.

Hell to the yizzle.


Kyle said...

Kiss your days of leaving work at the office goodbye.

S said...

Not until they pay for my data plan. :)